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Below is a running list of coverage that this research has received, which we will do our best to keep up to date:

Coverage of 2022 Report:

Majority of UNC Conservative Students Censor Political Views in the Classroom,” the Daily Tar Heel.

UNC’s Free-Expression Survey Elicits Both Fear and Hope,” James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal

Report on UNC System campus free speech provides insights into climate, student experiences,” NC Policy Watch.

Moving Past Free Expression Theater,” Inside Higher Ed (by the report authors).

Making conversation: UNC System considers state of free expression on campus,” Smoky Mountain News.

Now more than ever, we must cultivate free expression on campus,” Charlotte Observer.

UNC Study: Peers, not faculty, limit political speech,” HigherEdWorks.

Coverage of 2020 Report:

Jennifer Larson and Mark McNeilly discuss the report findings at the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal.

Free Speech and Viewpoint Diversity at UNC: Some Thoughts on a New Report,” Jeffrey Sachs.

Why Do Conservative Students Self-Censor?” Areo Magazine.

What We’re Reading: March 2020,” Bipartisan Policy Center.

Authors interviewed on WPTF radio.

Real Clear Public Affairs summary.

Commentary from the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal: Piece 1; Piece 2

The Hidden Consensus on Free Expression,” Heterodox Academy.

What Liberals and Conservatives Get Wrong about Free Expression on College Campuses,” The Conversation.

Free expression survey found UNC students are self-censoring their beliefs in class,” the Daily Tar Heel.

The Legal Promise and Sobering Reality of the Fight for Free Speech on Campus,” The French Press.

Evidence That Conservative Students Really Do Self-Censor,” The Atlantic.

New faculty-authored report evaluates culture of free expression at UNC Chapel Hill,” TheFIRE.

“Have A Good Listen,” Carolina Alumni Review (Nov/Dec 2021). (Available to subscribers only.)